Award of Good Practices


Acharya Narendra Dev College has been recognised for the hard work and good practices we follow in college.  Our efforts to make a difference were applauded in the form of an AWARD OF GOOD PRACTICES among colleges at the mega multidimensional event of the University of Delhi- ‘Antardhvani 2015’ from February 20 - 22, 2015.  The college has been awarded First prize of Rs 10 Lakhs with the byline `Preparing for the Future @ ANDC’ to meet the challenges of India. A moment of great pride for the ANDC family. After winning third Prize two years running, we finally made it to FIRST PRIZE!! among all colleges of University of Delhi for Good Practices. ANDC has moved from amongst the best to the best.

Acharya Narendra Dev College have always felt very strongly about providing opportunities ‘Beyond the Classroom...’  for our faculty as well as students we decided to highlight some aspects of our college-life that  showcased it most effectively for AWARD OF GOOD PRACTICES during ‘Antardhvani 2013 and 2014’.   We focused on four aspects that were very diverse in their very nature but fitted the theme in that it helped the faculty and students to realize their potential outside of classrooms.  The four aspects we projected included, Research in college, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre, our pursuit of Open Education and last but not the least our use of Theatre in Education and Personality Development.  

Opportunities for Research
Students need exposure that helps them understand ‘what it means to DO SCIENCE’ – hence we provided students opportunities to do research. It led to closer interaction with teachers and peers, to learn how to work as a team, to think creatively and to innovate. The various exhibits under this category included:

  1. India Today magazine showing college ranking of last four years
  2. More than 50 books Books published by college teachers
  3. Various awards won by the college teachers
  4. Posters highlighting the completed and ongoing research projects
  5. Bound copies of ‘Research Publications’ upto 2012-13
  6. Fiber Optics Kit developed by SPIE Chapter students along with annual reports and DVD of  the Optics fair
  7. Annual Reports, Prospectus, Insight - the college magazine, Department of Biomedical Science magazine ‘Biomer’ of the last few years
  8. Conference proceedings of various National and International conferences organized by  college in previous years
  9. First Ph. D. thesis from the college
  10. Various NEWS papers clipping highlighting research in college
  11. Indiabioscience blog (poster)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre
While most of us seek jobs after education it is only the very special people, who dare to strike out on their own and become job-creators rather than job-seekers. Knowing our strength as a Science college, decided to seek the help of the Department of Science and Technology, GOI to set up an ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre’. Various exhibits under this category included:

  1. Products viz. herbal Massage Cream, cold cream, foundation cream, cleansing milk, Apricot scrub, Face Gel, body wash, anti-wrinkle cream
  2. ISO certified Cleansing solution for washing of laboratory glassware developed under Student Innovative project
  3. Low cost glucometer developed under Student Innovative project
  4. ISO certified products like hair shampoo; body lotion; hand and body cream; and bath soap made from silkworm cocoons waste
  5. Products developed by various NGOs with help of IEDC at ANDC
  6. Posters highlighting the activities of IEDC

Open Education
Under the personal leadership of Principal, Acharya Narendra Dev College is the first college in the University of Delhi, to actively pursue a philosophy of ‘OPEN’ in education.  In December, 2007, we adopted Linux as the preferred platform for all our computers while in October, 2008 we took our first steps towards uploading course materials on the web as ‘Open Educational Resources’. This radical change in mindset had put us ahead in this domain. The various exhibits under this category included:

  1. The OPAL award
  2. Poster highlighting the OPEN initiatives of the college
  3. Course material developed
  4. CD of the software used in “EasyNow’
  5. Manuals created for conducting workshops on Open Educational Resources, Creative Commons and EasyNow
  6. ‘Quality Assurance in Multimedia Learning Materials’ - Booklet prepared under an initiative of CEMCA of which Dr Savithri Singh was a part.

Theatre in Education
Good classroom teaching, even research opportunities don’t provide the natural spaces for personality development traits.  How does one tackle such important aspects of a students’ overall ‘character’?  What is it that will provide a space or milieu for the student to overcome their fears, give expression to their thoughts, stand up for their convictions, fight for their rights, know their duties, become socially-sensitive, be caring, become a leader, able to work in a team – all the things that will make them well adjusted to a life ahead where they have to take informed decisions?  We believe that Theatre can be the best medium to develop these skills and to overcome inhibition.  We showcased our Add-on Course on Effective Communication and Personality Development as well as our Annual theatre productions in this section through:

  1. Poster of the ECPDT workshops, culmination function and the Annual Theatre productions.
  2. DVDs  of the Annual theatre production of the last three years

A flyer was specially designed for distribution during the conference. Special large sized banners and film strips (all pasted on sunboard) were printed for display. We projected all these aspects through a presentation also that was continuously projected using an LCD screen.

The college stall was thronged by visitors at all times. They ranged from academicians including the University team of Vice Chancellor, Pro- Vice Chancellor, Director, South Campus, Dean of Colleges, Head of University departments to general public. All were of the opinion that college is providing the right blend of education that is contemporary in today’s scenario. How can we forget the remark made by our Vice Chancellor ‘Acharya Narendra Dev College is the best college for me.’ Our stall was on the VIP list - the Chief Guest Shri Ashok Thakur, Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India was taken to the college stall. The college effort was applauded by all visitors.