English Language Proficiency Course

Convenor: Dr. Geetika Kalra

The ELPC is a four month, 100-hour course conducted over three days a week in the college in collaboration with Institute of Life Long Learning, University of Delhi that is open to all students enrolled in University of Delhi. It seeks to improve students’ communication skills in the English language.


English that is the universal language in the cities is often perceived to be a barrier for those  students who come from far-flung parts of the country or for those students who did not study in an English medium school. Looking at the pressing need to bridge the great social divide the college took the onus of joining the initiative taken up by the Institute of Life Long Learning, University of Delhi by conducting an English skills and personality development course called ‘English Language Proficiency Course’. This 100-hour course helped the students improve fluency, diction, pronunciation, public speaking capabilities and expression - these are expected to pay dividends when they appear in interviews or go for public speaking in the course of their career, and also in their day to day dealings. It acted also as a confidence building exercise, something that students who don't speak English fluently often lack. The course used several audio-visual aids to improve efficiency of teaching. Fourteen students successfully completed the course and received certificates for the same which was quite a sizable number considering the fact that the course was being run for the first time.  They appreciated the course content and innovative methods adopted to teach them the intricacies of the language.