Under the personal leadership of Principal, Acharya Narendra Dev College is the first college in the University of Delhi, to actively pursue a philosophy of ‘OPEN’ in education.  In December 2007, we adopted Linux as the preferred platform for all our computers while in October 2008 we took our first steps towards uploading course materials on the web as ‘Open Educational Resources’. Of course, this needed a thorough understanding of the Open paradigms - the software and content licenses – and how to use them, learning how to install and use different software and many more things. But, most importantly, it required a radical change in mind-set – something we are still struggling to fully achieve!

FOSS and Linux workshops: Since the college believes in open-source software, we conduct workshops every year for students and teachers (even from other colleges) so that more and more students and teachers get introduced to FOSS.  We also conduct several workshops with other FOSS bodies eg. NRCFOSS, ILUGD where we call in experts to deal with specific areas using FOSS.

Open Educational Resources Wikieducator:  In keeping with the commitment towards FOSS the college also believes in open access to educational content.  We conduct hands-on workshops on OER - Wikieducator to enable teachers to upload econtent in open access formats.  We have conducted twenty such workshops both in college, in Delhi University South Campus, in NCERT and some schools.  We have been conducting these workshops in collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver.

Easy Now workshops: Recognizing that teachers need to be enabled to create econtent specially using multimedia components, Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) helps implement an 'Easy Now' package that consists of easy to learn tools for econtent development. Acharya Narendra Dev College has benefitted from our association with CEMCA since we have conducted several such workshops.