RMS Talk

As a part of its larger commitment to promote FOSS, the college organized a Public Lecture by Dr. Richard M. Stallman (RMS), a pioneer on the concept of copyleft licenses, on 'Free Software and your Freedom'. RMS a free software activist and pioneer, launched the GNU project in 1983. The project aimed at creating a Unix like computer operating system which would comprise entirely of free software.  He visited the college on 1st Feb, 2012. His talk enlightened the audience about various software freedoms, GNU General public license and copyleft. He urged the need for Free software in education and dwelled on its advantages like customization. He motivated everyone to boycott proprietary software. He also elucidated how free software motivates research as it can be easily developed further and enhanced due to freely accessible source code. The event was a rare opportunity for all enthusiastic IT professionals, students, teachers or others who use computers to interact with the global leader of the FOSS movement.