EasyNow - Content Development in Multiple Media Formats

Globally most educational systems have accepted the enriching impact of the wide range of IC (Information and Communication) technologies and wish to integrate them at all levels of educational administration.  This integration of ICT is cost-intensive, unable to garner sufficient resources and it becomes prohibitive in many cases. Also, the academicians interested in creation of courseware may have paucity of knowledge on IC techniques.  Self-training is a possibility, but it is a stupendous task even for the most computer-savvy; considering the fact that one has to research several packages before one can choose the most suitable one for his needs, deal with the poor network facilities and bear the costs involved.  Most likely contributors will have/like to be trained in understanding and using a set of pre-selected tools that have been chosen for their suitability for educational purpose, ease of use and the costs involved.
EasyNow is a select set of easily available open source ICT tools that can be easily learned and utilised by the content developers to produce quality materials suitable for Open and Distance Learning on the World Wide Web.  It integrates the use of multiple media like text, audio and video tools and allows for inexpensive production which can be quickly uploaded by the developers.

Teachers use comprehensive and rich resources for their own classroom teaching, but this material is lost to others.  This is of particular significance when we consider the huge pool of senior and retired teachers who have enriching experience but have no means to share what they have learnt beyond their immediate circle. It would be very empowering if teachers can be taught how to:

  • Adapt materials for distance learning
  • Enrich content with audio and video add-on’s
  • Supplement the content with question banks and quizzes
  • Incorporate self-assessment tools
  • Collate materials to assemble a package which can be prepared for distribution

This is exactly what EasyNow aims to do i.e. teach these easily-learnt skills to content writers in such a way that they form a huge pool of human resources to contribute and meet the large demand of e-learning and web based learning materials
The aim of EasyNow is to help in easy and cost-effective production of quality materials in multiple formats that can be disseminated using CD's to far flung areas where the chief problem is the availability of good educational opportunities.  These areas may lack good quality of teaching unless teachers have access to the vast expanding knowledge base. Thus. the availability of well-made and easy to use IC integrated multiple media materials created using EasyNow can play a major role in these areas.
In collaboration with “Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia”, the college has conducted several EasyNow workshops during the session 2009-10. The workshop was heavily attended by teachers of various colleges of University of Delhi. The first of its kind in the University of Delhi it aimed at providing a platform to educators for easy development of multiple media content. The learners then placed their content online which could be peer-reviewed and refined by the community of experts. The availability of universally accessible online content encouraged everyone to collaborate and work together.