The Electronics laboratory is one of the always live spaces in college where students and teachers alike are found experimenting with computer interfacing late into the evenings. In its continuous endeavor to train students beyond the boundaries of the University syllabi and train them to state of the art technologies, Department of Electronics has been holding an annual workshop Electrawork.

The Department organized 'Electrawork 2006' where students were encouraged to understand PC hardware, PC assembling and programming of VHDL. The students simulated various combinational and sequential digital circuits and were introduced to optoelectronics – various types of lasers (He-Ne and DPSS), laser based experiments (Laser beam characterization, interference, diffraction and polarization). They also learnt the basics of Optical communication (fiber optic voice link) as well as interfacing LCD panels for measuring voltages, soldering, transistor switching, PCB design and fabrication.

The Department held a two week's workshop 'Electrawork 2008' from 10th June 2008. The workshop was aimed at providing hands on training on Data Acquisition using LabVIEW and PCB design and fabrication. The workshop was attended by twenty one students. During the workshop, students learnt both graphical and software based design tools. They used OrCAD Layout Plus for PCB designing. Students carried out various photolithography steps required for PCB fabrication along with drilling on the PCB for component mounting and soldering. In the data acquisition using LabVIEW section, students worked on latest LabVIEW version 8.5. This is the most widely used software tool for data acquisition and signal processing used worldwide in all prestigious universities. Students learnt various graphical programming tools and developed various VIs. They carried out various experiments where the data was being captured acquired from the real world, processed and later on outputted. During the daily feedback sessions, students really enjoyed this experience. 

After the workshop, three students Anshul Vinay Parmar, Migmar Dolma and Rohit Gambhir along with faculty members; Dr. Amit Garg, Ms. Reena Sharma, Mr. Vishal Dhingra presented a paper entitled “Study of Hall Effect using LabVIEW" at the VI Mantra 2008, the Virtual Instrumentation contest for Science and Engineering Education. The paper was selected as the 3rd best paper in student category by National Instruments, USA boosting the students’ confidence and creating interests among them.

In the last academic session, as part of the annual workshop series the Department of Electronics organized “Electrawork - 2009: A two-week hands-on workshop on Emerging trends in Electronics" in the college from 1- 2 June 2009 for the students/faculty of Physics and Electronics from the University. The workshop was conducted by industry experts and consisted of three workshops

1. Workshop 1: Optical Fiber Communication

2. Workshop 2: Embedded Systems and Robotics

3. Workshop 3: Data Acquisition and Signal Processing using LabVIEW


The workshop in collaboration with Delhi College of Engineering, National Instruments Limited and Excel Technologies included experiments in contemporary topics including Optical Fibre Communication, Embedded Systems - Robotics and Data Acquisition - Signal Processing using LabVIEW software. The participants in the workshop got introduced to working real time on state-of-the-art projects and the positive vibes that emanated made the workshop a grand success.