Society : Tarumitra

The Department of Botany initiated its academic year with a well planned orientation of newcomers and selection of student office-bearers for our society Tarumitra. In the first departmental society meet held in October, 2013 the department hosted eminent scientist Dr Sandeep Das, from Department on Botany, University of Delhi.  He delivered a talk on  Bioinformatics: Tool for Insights into Genomic Landscape. He highlighted the role of bioinformatics in present times when enormous data is being generated by various genome sequencing projects. He also explained how bioinformatics is helping in analyzing and interpreting this data. He said it can even become a viable career option for young botanists. In continuing with the exposure for the students and meeting curriculum obligations a trip to Lucknow, considered to a hot spot in terms of research institutions was organized for students of B.Sc. (H) Botany III semester. Students Environment Management of B.Sc. (H) Botany V semester were taken to Ranthambore and B.Sc. Life Sciences III semester students visited Kullu-Manali. A picnic to Nehru Park was also organized under the aegis of Botanical Society. With active support from the faculty the students prepare and organize annual festival of the society Tarumitra and fully utilize the opportunity to showcase their talent in events including rangoli design, paper-presentation, just-a-minute, ad-mad, quizzes, salad making etc.  The department this year has thus successfully been able to create a mix of studies and extra-curricular activities for the students and sincerely hopes to continue its efforts for years to come.