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Developed quite a few educational/reference apps for Windows Platform which can be downloaded from the Windows Store for free. For now, these are compatible with Windows 8.1 (desktop/Mobile) and Win 10(all devices).

Description: This app aims to provide the fellow Electronics or Physics students with a utility tool for their Digital Electronics labs. This app contains the pin diagrams and functions of almost all the useful ICs that one may require in their labs. Moreover the app comes with common circuit diagrams so that the students don't have to open their books or go to the internet every moment.

Description: A great app to learn about 8085 Microprocessor. A handy and useful app to have in your Microprocessor Lab/Class. With this app, you have everything on your finger tips.

Description: A great and one of a kind app that provides you High Resolution Maps of all the states and union territories. Not only that the app also contains various Maps of India, like Annual Rainfall, Climate, Population Density and what not.

Description: Get to know India's Prime Ministers and Presidents in a simple and easy way with this app. The app provides a list of all the Presidents and Prime Ministers of India in a chronological order.

Description: A simple and easy to use app to keep yourself updated about the Chief Ministers of all the States of India. Along with that the app also shows you the list of Current Governors, Indian Presidents and Prime Ministers.

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