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23rd to 28th March 2020

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23rd March to 28th March 2020

Dr. Jitender Goel

1. Online-B. Com(H)-2 Sem Section B-Corporate Accounting (Week 2)
2. Online-B. Com(H)-4 Sem- Cost Accounting (Week 2)
3. Online-B. Com(H)-4 Sem Section B- E Filing of Return (week 2)

Mr. Yask Sain

Online-B.Com(h)-E filing of Returns Case-20 (Week-2)

Ms. Rupali Pabreja
Ms. Lalita Chauhan

1. B. Com (H) 2 semester corporate accounting
2. B. Com(H) 6A semester
3. B. Com(H) 6B semester

Ms. Hanisha Bhagat

1. Online_Bcom(h)_sec A_6Sem_International Business
2. Online_Bcom(h)_secA,B_6sem_ACG
3. Online_Bcom(h)_secA_6sem_Custom_Law

Mr. Ashok Kumar  
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Goel

1. Online_B.Com. (Hons.) Semester III_Business Mathematics
2. Online_B.Com. (Hons.) Semester IV_Business Mathematics

Dr. Surinder Kaur online_ B Com Hons Semester II _ corporate accounting. Watch "Corporate Accounting: Consolidated Accounts of Holding Company -- Part 1
Dr. Gagan Dhawan, Dr Satendra Singh and Ms. Rimpy Kaur Chowhan

Online_Medicinal chemistry practical(Sem4)_Biomedical Science

Dr. Gagan Dhawan  
Dr. Urmi Bajpai


Dr. Namita Singh

1. Online- Biomedical Science III Yr - Human Pathology Theory
2. Online- Biomedical Science III Yr - Human Pathology Practical_PCR
3. Online- Biomedical Science III Yr - Human Pathology Theory
4. Online- Biomedical Science I Yr - Human Physiology & Anatomy I Practical

Dr. Gagan Dhawan, Ms. Rimpy Kaur Chowhan


Dr. Urmi Bajpai, Dr Satendra Singh

B.Sc(H) Biomedical Science (IV Semester) ImmunoBiology practical class

Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary

1. BSc (H) Biomedical Science, Semester VI, Toxicology (BMS 602)
2. BSc (H) Biomedical Science, Semester VI,Toxicology (BMS 602), Unit VIII: Clinical toxicology, Management of poisoned patients

Ms. Sonal Gupta

1. Online_ B.Sc (H) BMS_ Sem. II_Human Physiology_Nerve Physiology_25032020
2. Online_ B.Sc (H) BMS_ Sem. II_Human Physiology_Nerve Physiology_26032020

Dr. Ritu Khosla Online_B.Sc Biomedical Science_ IV Sem_Forensic Science (Part 2)
Ms. Rimpy Kaur Chowhan Online_Computational Biology Theory_Sem6_Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Satendra Singh

1. Online_B.Sc (H) Biomedical Science_IV Semester_Immunobiology Theory
2. Online_B.Sc (H) Biomedical Science_IV Semester_Forensic Science Practical

Dr. Archna Pandey and  Dr Satendra Singh  
Mr. Prashant Pradhan 1. Online-Bsc(H) Biomedical sciences-2 sem- Principle of genetics
2. Online-Bsc(H) Biomedical sciences-2 sem- Principle of genetics-1
Dr. Charu Khosla Gupta Online assignment_BSc H BOT_4 Sem_Ecology
Dr. Anita Narang Online_B.Sc(H)Botony_6sem_plantbiotechnology
Dr. Yash Mangla online_B.Sc.(H)Botany_4sem_Ecology
GE2 (Dr. Yash Mangla)  Online_BOTANY GE2_Plant Ecology and Taxonomy
Vineet Singh

1. BSc (H) Botany Sem IV : Plant Systematics
2. BSc (H) Botany Sem IV : Biofertilizers

Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh

1. Online_BSc(H)Botany_6sem_Industrial and Environmental Microbiology
2. Online_BSc(H)Botany_4sem_Molecular Biology

Dr. Anupama Shukla Online-BOTANY (H) II nd Sem-mycology
Dr. Vachaspati Mishra

1. Online-B.Sc (H) 6th Sem-Bioinformatics-Unit 3

Dr. Vachaspati Mishra

1. Online- B.Sc (H) 4th Sem-GE/ Plant Ecology & Taxonomy
2. Online-B.Sc (H) 4th Sem-GE/Plant Ecology & Taxonomy

Dr. Prashant Swapnil

E-content Medicinal Botany (Topic: Ethnomedicine and ethnoecology)

Dr. Rashmi Sharma Online-B.Sc.Botany IIIyr-Bioinformatics
GE (MS. Renu Gautam) GE II SEM Physical Chemistry e material
Dr. Manisha Jain


Ms Shelja Tiwari

1. Online_B.Sc Chemistry(H) IV Semester_Inorganic Chemistry
2. Online_B.Sc Chemistry(H) IV Semester_Inorganic Chemistry
3. Online_B.Sc Chemistry(H) IV Semester_Inorganic Chemistry

Ms. Renu Gautam

1. Chemistry (H)VI SEM Organic Chemistry
2. Chemistry H VI SEM Organic Chemistry

Dr. Vandana Uberoi 1. Introduction
2. Industrial chemicals and Environment
Dr. Shallu Sachdeva  
Dr. Pankaj Khanna


Dr. Rashmi Thukral

1. E content for Bsc(h)Chem 4thsem
2. Online_B.Sc(H)_ IV Semester_ Organic Chemistry_Polynuclear hydrocarbons- Napthalene

Mr. Namo Narayan Meena

1. GE II nd Sem, Inorganic chemistry
2. Instruction for urea formaldehyde resin
3. Physical science with chemistry, II nd, Physical Chemistry

Dr. Vikrant Kumar  
Dr. Geetu Gambhir  
Dr. Pragati Malik

1. Online_B.Sc.(H) Chemistry-II Sem_Physical Chemistry
2. Online_B.Sc.(H) Chemistry-II Sem_Physical Chemistry

Dr. Pooja Bhagat
Dr. Sunita Hooda  
Mr. Ajay Pratap Singh e-material of LS + PMC IV Semester, SEC-Green Methods of Chemistry
Dr. Neelu Dheer Conductance chapter for 4th sem students of chemistry hons
Computer Science 
GE 2nd Sem (Ms. Sonia Sodhi)


Dr. Sharanjit Kaur

1. Online_BSc(H)CS-4sem_DBMS-II
2. Online_BSc(H)CS-4sem_DBMS-III
3. Online_BSc(H)CS-4sem_DBMS-IV
4. Online_BSc(H)CS-4sem_DBMS-V

Dr. Harita Ahuja

Online-BSc computer science hons 6 sem computer graphics

Ms. Vandita Grover

1. Online_BSc_CS_Sem6_DataMining_Theory
2. OnlineBScCSSem6_DMLab
3. OnlineBScCSSem6DataMiningTheory_Data_Mininig
4. OnlineBScCSSem4_SELab

Dr. Vibha Gaur Online_Bsc(h)computer science_4sem_software engineering_Software Testing
Ms. Nishu Singh

Online_ B.Sc(H) CS 2nd sem,Discrete structures practical solutions

Ms. Archana Gahlaut Online_BSc(Hons)ComputerScience_4Sem_Design and Analysis of Algorithm
Dr. K.R. Meena  
GE-IV (Dr. Preeti Marwaha)  
Ms. Anu Preveen online_ B.Sc (h) Computer Science_2 sem _Logic
Ms. Shiva Saini  
Ms. Priyanka Sharma  
Mr. Mahesh Kumar

1. Programming in Java, B.Sc.(H) CS 2nd Semester
2. Online_BSc(H)ComputerScience_2sem_Programming_In_Java

Ms. Gunjan Rani Online_BScHCS_6thSEM
Dr. K. R. Meena Online_BSc(h)GE_Paper_4sem_Numerical Analysis (Unit-III-PART-III)
Dr. Dinesh Kumar

B.Sc.(hons) Electronics 2nd sem Applied Physics Mechanical properties of materials

Dr. Monika Bhattacharya 1. Online B.Sc(H) Electronics (VI semester) Embedded Systems (Assignment)
2. Online B.Sc(H) Electronics (VI semester) Embedded Systems ( Timer 0 Fast PWM Mode)
3. Online B.Sc(H) Electronics (VI semester) Embedded Systems ( Timer 0 CTC Mode and Square wave generation)
Dr. Shikha Madan

1. E-Content for B.Sc (H) Electronics 6th Sem - Control system lab
2. E-Content for B.Sc (H) Electronics 4th Sem _ Robotics Lab
3. E-Content for B.Sc (H) Electronics 4th Sem _Robotics
4. E-Content for B.Sc (H) Electronics 6th sem_Photonics Lab

Ms. Khyati Gautam 1. Online_Control System_6 sem_Electronics
Ms. Gauri Ghai Online_BSc(H) Electronics_4th Sem_Electronic Instrumentation_2
Dr. K.R. Meena Online_BSc(h)GE_Paper_4sem_Numerical Analysis (Unit-III-PART-III)
Mr. Vishal Dhingra  
Dr. Shikha Madan


Dr. Anju Agrawal


Dr. Ravneet Kaur

1. B.Sc(H) Electronics _VI sem paper_Electronics  Communication
2. Online_ BSc(h)Electronics_6sem_Electronic Communication

Dr. Neeti Goel B.Sc Maths(H)2nd year-Riemann Integration and series of functions-Dr.Neeti Goel(Department of Mathematics
Dr. Sada Nand Prasad


Dr. Roopesh Tehri  
Ms. Sarita Agarwal Online_B.Sc.(H) Mathematics_6sem_RLTA-II
Dr. Narayan Singh Online_ BSc(h)mathematics_6sem_power series, singularity, residue theorem
Mr. DevOm  
Dr. K.R. Meena Online_BSc(H)Mathematics_4sem_SEC-II_PAPER_R (PART-I)
Dr. Chaman Singh  
Mr. Gurudatt Rao Ambedkar E-content for GE-II A (Linear Algebra)
Dr. Shalini Kumari
Mr. Brijendra Yadav Online_GE 1B calculous _maths
Life Science 
Mr. Vineet Girdharwal

Online_B.Sc. Life Science_II semester_Comparative Anatomy and Developmental Biology of vertebrates

Dr. Pooja Bhagat Online_B.Sc. Life Science_2 Sem_ Chemistry Practical
Ms. Kavita Singhal  
Dr. Charu Khosla Gupta Online assignment_BSc. LS_2 Sem_Ecology
Dr. Geetika Kalra Chapter for B.Sc (Life Science) part II Semester IV
Dr. Yash Mangla Online_B.Sc. Lifesciences_2sem_Plant Ecology and Taxonomy
Mr. Namonarayan Meena

Online_VISem_Life science_Organic chemistry

Dr. Shrankhla 1. Online_B.Sc. Life Science 4 semester_Public Health and Hygiene
2. Online_B.Sc. Life Science_ 6 semester_Public Health and Hygiene
Dr. Nisha Aggarwal  
Dr. Aparna Sharma  
Dr. Vikrant Kumar


Dr. Sweety Shrimali

1. Online_BScLifeSciences_4Sem_Genetics&Evolutionary Biology
2. Online_BScLifeSciences_4Sem_Genetics&Evolutionary Biology

Dr. Sumit Sahni Online_B.Sc Botany_6 sem_Industrial and Environmental Microbiology
Dr. Sanjeeta Rani

Online_B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics Sem.VI_EMT

Dr. Siddhartha  
GE_IV(Ambika Negi Hariwal)  
Dr. Arijit Chowdhuri Online-B.Sc. (Hons) Physics-4 Sem - Analog Systems-Feedback in Amplifiers
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta

1. B.Sc.(H) Physics_Modern Physics_Sem. IV
2. B. Sc. (H) Physics_statistical mechanics lab_Sem.VI

Dr. Neelakshi N K Borah

1. Online subject material for BSc Physics SEC IV sem Applied Optics
2. Online material for BSc(H) Physics VI sem

Dr. Manisha verma  
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Verma Online_B.Sc.(Hons.) Physics Sem.IV_Modern Physics
Dr. Subhas Kumar, Dr. Sanjeeta Rani, Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. Neelakshi N K Borah Computational Physics
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta B.SC Physics SEC IV & VI Computational
Dr. Sidhartha Online study material for BSc (H) VI SEM communication electronics
Physical Science (CS) 
Ms. Nishu Singh 1. Online_ PSCS 6th sem,Internet Technology Notes
2. Online_PSCS 6TH SEM,IT subject JSP practical solutions
Mr. Rakesh Sonker

PMCsII (Electricity and Magnetism)

Mr. DevOm
Dr. Narayan Singh E-Content for B. Sc. Physical Science (PMCS) Sem. 6-Mathematics
Mr. Gurudatt Rao Ambedkar  
Ms. Urmila  
Ms. Gunjan Rani Online_PSCS_6thSEM
Dr. Sanjay Kumar

1. Online_B. Sc. Physical Science (Computer Science)_4sem_Waves and Optics
2. Online_B. Sc. Physical Science (Computer Science)_4sem_Waves and Optics

Ms. Sonia Sodhi


Dr. K.R. Meena

Online_BSc(H)PMCS-VI_GE_Paper_6sem_Numerical Analysis (Unit-II-PART-I )

Dr. Satya Prakash Yadav

1. Online---solid state physics---6th sem--PMCs
2. online--solid state physics--6th sem-- PMCs

Physical Science (E)
Mr. Abdullah  
Dr. Rohtash Singh  
Dr. Rachna Joshi Online_PME_Semester II_Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits
Dr. Priti Goyal

B.Sc Physical Science (Electronics) Sem - IV waves and Optics

Physical Science (Electronics) sem - IV waves and optics

Dr. V. Bhasker Raj  
Dr. Satya Prakash Yadav

1. Online---solid state physics---6th sem--PME
2. online--solid state physics--6th sem-- PME

Dr Monika Mishra ( Guest faculty )

1. B.Sc Physical sciences, 6th Sem
2. BSC Physical sciences, 6th Sem

Physical Science (Chem.)
Dr. Pooja Bhagat
Dr. Vandana Uberoi

1. Industrial chemicals and environment,Sem 5 PMC
2. Industrial chemicals and environment PMC
3. ICE Sem 5 PMC

Mr. Namo Narayan Meena


Ms. Nisha Aggarwal  
Mr. Deo Datta Arya  
Mr. Ajay Pratap Singh  e-material of GE-4 Physical Chemistry
Mr. DevOm  
Dr. G. Vani Padmaja LS SemIV-Questions of inorganic mixture analysis
GE 2nd Sem (Ms. Ranju Sharma ) Online_BSc(GE) Zoology_2sem_Human Physiology
Dr. Adity Dubey

1. Online_B.Sc. (H) Zoology, 2nd sem. Cell Biology_Unit 5-Cytoskeleton
2. Online_BSc(H)Zoology_6Sem_EvolutionaryBiology

Mr. Neelgagan Singh Online_BSc(H) Zoology_4sem_comparativeanatomyofvertebrates
Dr. Ravinder Sagar  
Dr. Rahul Dev

1. Online_B.Sc.(Hons.)Zoology_Sem-VI_ ReproductiveBiologyTheory_Feto-placentalUnit 23032020
2. Online_B.Sc.(Hons.)Zoology_Sem-VI_ ReproductiveBiologyTheory_Parturition_2603

3. GE-IV Animal Cell Biotechnology (B.Sc.(Hons.) Biomedical Sciences semester-IV and B.Sc. (Hons.) Botany Semester-IV) Online_GE-IV_AnimalCellBiotechnologyPracticalWriteup_PlasmidDNAisolation_27032020

GE VI Sem (Muzaffer A Bhat)  
Muzaffer A Bhat

1. B.Sc(H) Zoology Semester VI; Animal Biotechnology; DSEIII
2. B.Sc(H) Zoology Semester VI; Animal Biotechnology; DSEIII

Dr. Seem Makhija


Dr. Sarita Kumar

1. Online_B.Sc. (H) Zoology Sem VI_Parasitology
2. Online_B.Sc. (H) Zoology Sem II_Non-Chordates

Ms. Anupa G Online_GE Zoology_SEM 2_ HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY
Dr. Shruti Sharma  
Dr. Poonam A. Kant, Mr. Ravinder Kumar Sagar, Dr. Rahul Dev, Dr. Shruti Sharma
GE4 (Dr. Priya Singh)

1. Online_B.Sc. GE4 Zoology_4th Sem_Animal Cell Biotechnology3
2. Online_B.Sc. GE4 Zoology_4th Sem_Animal Cell Biotechnology4

Dr. Shruti Sharma
 Ms. Ankita Arora

1. Notes on Speech and a sample_B.Com(Hons.) Sem 2 Sec B_ENGLISH
2. Formats of Formal letter and Informal letter_ENGLISH_PMC Sem 2

Dr. Joita Dhar Rakshit

1. Online_GE English_2sem_theindividualandsociety
2. Online_B. Com (H) B. Sc. Physical Sciences_2sem_englishcommunication
3. Online_GE English_2sem_theindividualandsociety

Ms. Sapna Yadav

1. Online GE 4th sem
2. Online (H) GE 2nd sem
3. online (H) GE Economics 2nd sem

Physical Education
Dr. Ranjit Kaur  
Dr. Ranjit Kaur
Mr. Abhay Pratap Singh

1. Online_BSc(h)Zoology_1sem_EVS, BSc(h)BMS_1sem_EVS, BSc(h)Physics_1SemEVS
2. Online_BSc(h)Zoology_2sem_EVS, Online_BSc(h)BMS_2sem_EVS, Online_BSc(h)Physics_2Sem_EVS,  Online_BSc(h)Maths_2Sem_EVS, Online_BSc(h)Botany_2Sem_EVS

Ms. Savita Singh

1. Online_BSc(h)computer science_1sem_EVS
2. Online_BSc(h)BMS_1sem_EVS
3. Online_BSc(h)_Physics_1sem_EVS

Dr. Amit Akoijam Online_BSc(h)Chemistry + Electronics_2Sem_Environmental Studies (EVS)