Dr. Savithri Singh (Principal)

Dr. Savithri Singh, who is a botanist by training, has over time, diversified her interests – into contemporary issues concerning education, women and environment. Probably due to her long association with the 'Centre for Science Education Communication', she likes to identify herself more as a 'science educationist'. She was a member of the prestigious National Knowledge Commission's working group on 'Retention of students in Science and Mathematics' (2007) and has represented India as an India Core team member for developing guidelines for 'Quality Assurance in Multimedia Learning Materials' - a project of Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia and the Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada (2009).

Whatever Dr. Singh does, she does with unbridled passion - as is evident by the way she is pursuing her new-found hobby of Birding which she started in 2011.  She is an avid participant and Administrator on the Facebook forum Indian Birds and also contributes photographs to the Oriental Birds Database.  In keeping with her nature, she was one of the mentors of a recent Innovative project for students funded by the University of Delhi – wherein ten students as part of the project studied patterns in bird locomotion. Hence, not only does Dr. Singh find ways to pursue her hobby she also helped to inculcate in students the love and appreciation for birds and nature!!

Dr. Savithri Singh believes in collaborative learning not only amongst peers but also between a student and a teacher. This is reflected in her open approach to new pedagogy and adoption of technology in education. Dr. Singh has been actively involved in developing University and school level curriculum and syllabi. After having helped with the development of textbooks – Classes III to VIII - for Delhi SCERT in 2003, she has been working with NCERT at various levels for improving science education including Member, 'National Focus Group on Teaching of Science'; member, Science syllabus Committee'; Member, Departmental Advisory Board, Department of Science and Mathematics and Department of Teachers Education and Extension; Chief Advisor, Primary Environmental Studies textbooks, and author, Textbook Development team for Biology XI and XII.

Being a strong advocate of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and Open Educational Resources (OER) Dr. Savithri Singh was an elected member and Vice-Chair of the International Community Council of the Wikieducator - a 'wiki' committed for building open education resources (OERs). She believes in free universal access to education and has led the college to switch from various proprietary software to LINUX and FOSS.  She was a consultant with Commonwealth of Learning - CEMCA for guiding the Mumbai University to create 'OER's for the first year syllabus in the area of Economics and Softskills'.  

Dr. Savithri Singh is also a member of an ongoing International level IDRC (Canada) project wherein she was invited to be a member of the OER Research Planning Group run by Wawasan Open University, Malaysia (2012).  This matured into a full-fledged research project (2013-2017)– ROER4D (http://roer4d.org/) with several sub-projects spread over the Global South – South America, South of Africa and South Asia. Dr. Singh is one of five advisors for the project, the others being from US, the Netherlands, Philippines and Brazil.

Dr. Savithri Singh’s passion for open collaborative educational content led her and the college to be recognized as an Affiliate of Creative Commons in India, along with Wikimedia India and Centre for Internet and Society in 2013. Earlier in 2011, she led the College to receive the ‘OPAL Award’ for open educational practices at Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Singh is passionate about encouraging research by faculty and promoting experiment-based research projects by undergraduate students. She makes it a point to ensure that students get opportunities to work with the best of tools available thus gaining valuable hands-on experience. She is responsible for the several hands-on workshops for students in the college - be it in Electronics, Biology, microbiology or Computer Science. Savithri Singh comes through as a Botanist with loads of energy and enthusiasm when she accompanies undergraduate students on their annual excursion. She also leads from the front in this field too bringing in one of the earliest projects into the college in the year 2006. Currently she is one of the PI’s in a Department of Science and Technology (DST) funded Indo-Slovenia project on exposure risk assessment.

As head of the ANDC's administration, Dr. Singh's approach is very democratic with special concern for the less-privileged.  She is easily accessible, a workaholic and a good team-person. Everybody in the ANDC community looks to her as a friend, philosopher and guide. She likes to listen to music - old Hindi film songs of Mukesh are among her favourites.  She is always game for new challenges having been an Inter-University level sportsperson.

Dr. Savithri Singh is widely travelled - places she has visited include United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Argentina, South Africa, Thailand, Bangladesh, Egypt and Turkey.