Principal's Desk

....Students are taught not just facts, they are exposed to attitudes and approaches that teach them to think independently. The effort is to nurture them as 'autonomous learners'.... 

As you step out of the protected world of your school, you wonder what the future holds in store for you. This year you are also faced with a new programme of the University of Delhi, that is, the Four Year Undergraduate Programme - you wonder what this change means and how you will cope with it!

Rest assured - at Acharya Narendra Dev College we’ll hand-hold you through the process of familiarization of the unknown. We’ll explain, we’ll answer, we’ll discuss, we’ll clarify, we’ll do everything to make you confident of being able to handle the future. The FYUP is envisaged as one that will provide you more opportunities for skill development, of self exploration and allows ample space for self-expression in order to expand your horizon much wider.

The byline that we use with the name of the College ‘Beyond the Classroom’ says a lot about the College! It tells you what we believe in and what we practice! The University of Delhi has over 60 undergraduate colleges spread out in all corners of Delhi. So what is it that makes our College special? It is our belief that we are here to make a difference. And that we are good at that was amply recognised when we were awarded one of the three ‘Award for Good Practices’ by the University of Delhi at ‘Antardhvani - the Mega Intercollege Festival’ this year. We were recognised for our ‘Beyond the Classroom’ approach where we ensure students and faculty get ample opportunities to do hands-on research through projects funded by various GOI departments like UGC, DST, DBT, MOEF etc., through projects under the ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre’ of the DST, through Innovative Projects of the University, and last but not the least, through ‘ELITE - Education in a Lively Innovative Training Environment’ summer fellowships offered by the College. About 250-300 students are involved in research projects every year. This provides them with unlimited opportunities to explore the world around, understand and appreciate the challenges and look for solutions. The experience of hands-on research that we provide helps in better admission opportunities at the PG level, better placement and more importantly, it helps the student in making informed decisions. For many students it also means a research paper at the UG level as also presentation of papers in conferences, with at least one child travelling to the US for the same every year!

Acharya Narendra Dev College is characterized by a dynamic, enthusiastic faculty that shows a willingness to explore and learn. That we work hard with our students is demonstrated in a tangible manner when the annual results are announced. That we produce University and South Campus rankers is no surprise despite admitting students with relatively low cutoffs - such is the dedication of our faculty!

Name a college that has a Government of NCT of Delhi’s ‘Young Scientist Awardee’, a member of the ‘Youth Delegation to the Climate Conference at Copenhagen’, four students who were part of the ‘OSDD —Open Source Drug Design’ project of CSIR — and won a laptop each and several faculty members with ‘distinguished teacher’ awards to boot!

There are several other achievements that are not so stark, but are equally significant. Several students have gained confidence because of the theatre workshops; many who think it is their duty to serve — NSS is their forte, and yet others who think their place is on the cricket field.

So what is Acharya Narendra Dev College all about? It’s about the ‘Earn While You Learn’ scheme, it’s about FOSS, OER and the culture of free as in freedom, it’s about research, it’s about e-content development, it’s about the infectious work culture, it’s about bamboo canteens, it’s about the cluster labs, it’s about websites developed and maintained by students, it’s about the collective strength, it’s about a sharing and learning milieu, it’s about democratic functioning and last but not the least, it’s about students who are cared for.

If these are the things that you are looking for, then we are waiting for you!

Welcome to our family,

Dr. Savithri Singh