ANDC's commitment to research is an important contributor in deepening community understanding of unique role research can play in meeting global challenges in higher education.

One of the greatest strengths of ANDC is the volume and scale of genuine and exciting research activities carried out by its faculty members since last one decade. The enthusiasm and hard work of the faculty and an exemplary support of the college administration has created a culture that displays seam-less integration of teaching and research. The quality of research work done by the faculty is authenticated by a large number of publications in peer reviewed national and international journals. Bringing research in to the classroom is one of the vision of the college. We are promoting active participation of students in research projects as a major co-curricular activity since past many years. Students and the faculty share an adventure of discovery and the laboratories are abuzz with research programs through the year. A number of research papers have been co-authored by the undergraduate students as well.

Research projects not only keep the faculty members updated with the advancements being made in the world of science, the research grants help in improvising the infrastructure and in the development of state of the art laboratories. The college has a total of eight research laboratories designed to perform cutting edge scientific research. These include:

  • Biomedical Science Project  Laboratory 
  • Chemistry Project Laboratory
  • Ciliate Biology Laboratory
  • Cluster Laboratory
  • Inorganic Chemistry Research Laboratory
  • Insect Pest & Vector Laboratory
  • Instrumentation Laboratory (Physical Sciences)
  • Microbial Technology Laboratory

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In recognition of the potential of the faculty at ANDC to conduct independent research, five teachers have been recognised as PhD supervisors by the University of Delhi. Currently, five research scholars are carrying out doctoral program in the college and one student has already been awarded the doctoral degree.

The research projects in the college are funded by the grants received by teachers from external funding agencies such as DBT, DST, CSIR, MOEF, ICMR. Thus far, research grant of about Rs. 25 million has been received. Fourteen projects have been completed and five new projects were sanctioned recently.